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Bullion Direct® uses an Activity-Based Costing Methodology to determine its service and fee structure. In simpler terms, you only pay for services as you use them. For example, our system allows you to accumulate your various orders in your online Portfolio, and then take Physical Delivery whenever YOU are ready.

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Service Description Bullion Direct's automated real-time pricing module offers competitive “up-to-the-second” pricing on an extensive line of quality products.
Find product images, specifications, and descriptions.
Designed for the physical precious metal accumulator, buyers and sellers enter executable orders into our real-time, real-order market. Once an order is matched (executed), the entire transaction is handled directly with Bullion Direct for your convenience, security, and privacy.
Payment Types wire  check
mastercard  visa  discover
wire  check
Clearing fee
None 1% (buying or selling)

Delivery Options

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Vault Portfolio Option
Accumulate orders for delivery Free Free
ShippingTruck Physical Delivery
USPS Registered
$11.00 & Up
$11.00 & Up

Professional packaging of your product
$9.95 + 4.00%

Check/Wire discount: 4.00%
$9.95 flat
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