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Markets Newspaper
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Money News
Nucleo Exchange Product Orders Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nucleo Exchange

Product Image 1 Product Image 2
Symbol:  GCAE100
Weight:  1.000 oz. actual; 0.075 lbs. shipping
Condition:  Uncirculated
Denomination:  $50 face value
Content:  91.6% pure gold
Diameter:  32.700 mm.
Thickness:  2.870 mm.
Commission rate:  1.00%
American Eagle Gold Coin (1.000 oz.)

Quantity   @  Price each

Quantity   @  Price each
100 $1,326.00
5 $1,325.00
5 $1,320.00
5 $1,315.00
25 $1,312.00
1 $1,300.88
10 $1,281.00
3 $1,250.00
15 $1,200.00
1 $1,100.00
20 $1,335.00
7 $1,359.00
3 $1,370.00
1 $1,374.00
4 $1,375.00
1 $1,375.55
1 $2,200.00

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BUYERS - Look in the "Ask" area for the most competitive prices for products you want to "acquire". You do NOT have to buy the entire lot of product, but may take partials.  The listed price is for one piece only, not the entire lot.

SELLERS-Look in the "Bid" area for the price range that traders are willing to pay for this product.  Note the spread between the Bid and Ask Columns, this represents the market at work, buyers and sellers.

WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN? - Quantity represents the number of pieces available to buy or sell, at the price listed beside it. Remember that the listed price is for one piece only, not the entire lot.

PRIVACY? Bullion Direct® facilitates both sides of a trade match.  Therefore, data is NEVER exchanged between buyers and sellers and you are assured of delivery of your product and/or payment.

Markets Newspaper
Market Summary [info]
Metal Last Chg | %
Gold $1308.50 [up] $0.98
Silver $20.800 [up] $0.040
Platinum $1483.00 [up] $1.00
Palladium $882.00 [up] $2.00
07/25/14 4:42:41 PM CDT
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