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Nucleo Exchange Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nucleo Exchange

Nucleo Nucleo Exchange check wire
Nucleo™ is a real-time, real order exchange invented, developed, and administered by Bullion Direct, Inc. Nucleo's order-matching system allows members, large or small, to place real orders for physical products in a real-time environment (24/7) - anonymously (except to Bullion Direct, of course)!

Bullion Direct facilitates the entire transaction process including the trading, validation, insurance, order fulfillment, and distribution of all products traded on Nucleo. Through this exciting hub-centric business model, members are able to efficiently match orders with potentially thousands of others in the marketplace, and yet only have to maintain a single trusted relationship!

Select the symbol link for a particular product to see the orders currently in the market. Orders are listed, and displayed, in the order of competitiveness.

Most Active Nucleo Products
Symbol Product Bid Ask
GCBB:1000:CMX Bullion Gold Bar .999 Pure CMX (10.000 oz.) $12,840.00 $13,100.00
SIB999:1000:CMX Silver Bullion .999 pure [Bar] CMX (1,000.000 oz.) $19,420.00 $20,260.00
SIAE001 US Mint American Eagle Silver Coin (1.000 oz.) $22.00 $22.10
GCAE100 American Eagle Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,330.00 $1,334.00
GCSK100 S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,309.88 $1,325.00
GCAE100:20 American Eagle Gold Coins - Roll of 20 (20.000 oz.) $26,270.00 $26,770.00
GCAB100 American Buffalo Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,322.88 $1,339.00
SIAE500 US Mint Sealed Crate 500 American Eagle Silver Coins (500.000 oz.) $10,900.00 $11,040.00
PTAE100 American Eagle Platinum Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,477.00 $1,495.00
GCBB:0100:CMX Bullion Gold Bar .999+ Pure CMX (Sealed) (1.000 oz.) $1,299.00 $1,315.00
GCAE025 American Eagle Gold Coin (0.250 oz.) $350.00 $350.30
GCCM100 Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,302.10 $1,325.00
SICM001 Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin (1.000 oz.) $21.60 $21.82
GCAE010 American Eagle Gold Coin (0.100 oz.) $146.00 $149.77
SIUS90%:$100 US90% Silver Coins $100 Face (71.500 oz.) $1,440.00 $1,524.00
SIUS40%:$1000 US*40%* Silver Coins $1000 Face (1965-69) Kennedy Half (295.000 oz.) $5,507.00 $5,901.00
SICM500 Canadian Maple Silver Coins Mint Sealed Crate (500.000 oz.) $10,420.00 $10,890.00
GCAC100 Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coin (0.980 oz.) $1,257.00 $1,272.00
SIUS90%:$10 US90% Silver Coins $10 Face (7.150 oz.) $147.50 $151.00
SIAP001 Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (1.000 oz.) $21.10 $21.82
Markets Newspaper
Market Summary [info]
Metal Last Chg | %
Gold $1295.60 [up] $0.09
Silver $19.680 [up] $0.025
Platinum $1414.10 [down] $-1.40
Palladium $796.00 [down] $-5.00
04/18/14 4:42:27 PM CDT
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