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Markets Newspaper
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Money News
Product Information Friday, July 25, 2014

British Sovereign Gold Coin (0.235 oz.)

British Sovereign Gold Coin (0.235 oz.)
$321.19 each.

Symbol:  GCBS
Weight:  0.235 oz. actual; 0.018 lbs. shipping
Condition:  Circulated
Denomination:  n/a
Content:  .2354 Actual Gold Content
Diameter:  0.000 mm.
Thickness:  0.000 mm.

British Sovereign Gold Bullion Coins!

Gold British Sovereigns!

Gold Sovereigns have experienced a long and diverse history. The coin's production was suspended from 1604 to 1816.

Reintroduced with the Recoinage Act of 1816, the United Kingdom resumed production of Gold Sovereigns from 1817 to 1917. During the First World War, production decreased dramatically as the country abandoned the gold standard.

After 1932, Gold Sovereigns were largely issued as bullion coins, and after 1982, bullion and proof versions were released.
Our choice of year/design. All coins contain 0.2354 troy ounces of Gold!

Bullion Direct verifies all gold bars that come through our facility as being authentic.

Markets Newspaper
Market Summary [info]
Metal Last Chg | %
Gold $1293.20 [down] $-0.65
Silver $20.463 [up] $0.070
Platinum $1472.50 [up] $3.00
Palladium $875.50 [up] $4.50
07/25/14 3:55:59 AM CDT
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