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Markets Newspaper
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Money News
Catalog Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Browse our online Catalog for real-time pricing, images, product descriptions, and specifications. Featuring a wide range of quality physical precious metals products from around the world. Make your purchase in just minutes to capture real-time prices. You can take immediate delivery or you can accumulate your orders in your online account (excluding orders paid by credit card).

Bullion Direct will send your package to you directly via secure shipping methods and insured through our Lloyd's of London insurance policy. If you are accumulating for investment, make sure you take advantage of our discounted pricing by paying with Check or Wire.

After starting a shopping cart, use our Estimate Cost feature in the Catalog to find out what the approximate "drive out" price is for an order using various payment and shipping options.

Hottest Products
Symbol Product Price
GCCM100:10 Canadian Maple Gold Coin - 10 pc Roll (10.000 oz.) $13,343.69
SIAE500:2014 US Mint Sealed Crate 500 American Eagle Silver Coins 2014 (500.000 oz.) $11,615.01
GCAB100 American Buffalo Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,353.73
GCAE100 American Eagle Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,350.37
GCBB:0100:CMX Bullion Gold Bar .999+ Pure CMX (Sealed) (1.000 oz.) $1,318.02
SIAE500 US Mint Sealed Crate 500 American Eagle Silver Coins (500.000 oz.) $11,603.44
GCCM100 Canadian Maple Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,337.69
GCBB:0100:NC Bullion Gold Bar .999+ Pure - NucleoCore Certified (1.000 oz.) $1,318.02
GCSK100 S. African Krugerrand Gold Coin (1.000 oz.) $1,336.68
GCAE100:2014 American Eagle Gold Coin 2014 (1.000 oz.) $1,351.04
SICM500:2014 Canadian Maple Silver Coins Mint Sealed Crate 2014 (500.000 oz.) $11,437.75
SIAE020:2014 US Mint Roll American Eagle Silver Coins 2014 (20.000 oz.) $465.29
SIAE020 US Mint Roll 20 American Eagle Silver Coins (20.000 oz.) $464.83
SICM025 Canadian Mint Roll 25 Maple Leaf Silver Coins (25.000 oz.) $571.76
GCAE100:20 American Eagle Gold Coins - Roll of 20 (20.000 oz.) $27,007.45

Markets Newspaper
Market Summary [info]
Metal Last Chg | %
Gold $1298.73 [down] $-5.66
Silver $20.849 [down] $-0.060
Platinum $1473.50 [down] $-8.00
Palladium $872.00 [unchanged] $0.00
07/24/14 7:17:41 AM CDT
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